Intensive Training of Koryo Hand Therapy and/or Acu-Magnet Therapy

The offer includes the following:

1. 7 ~15 days of free accommodation (one clean room per individual in a private property)
2. Transportation from and to Airport
3. Three meals per day
4. Free Internet access and domestic phone calls and free calls to the United States.
5. One day complementary sightseers (In Australia and Thailand only)
6. 7 days of intensive training for Koryo Hand Therapy
7. 7 Days of Intensive training for Acu-Magnet Therapy.
8. Students will receive free supplies for their practice (2 Packs of KHT Pellets, Probe &reusable tape dispenser)
9. Or, 12 days of intensive training for both Koryo Hand Therapy and Acu-magnet Therapy.
10. Students will receive backup program to their references valued up to $3200.00 free of charge.
11. Students will be supported for up to 2 years for any problem related to treating a pain or disease, guidance etc. by phone, e-mail, online et

(deduct $1000 from the total tuition if you prefer to have your own accommodation and meals during the training)


For Koryo Hand Therapy alone: $5950.00 Australian or USD (50 hours/ 7 days)
For Acu Magnet Therapy alone; $4950.00 Per individual (40 hours 6 days)
For Body Constitutional Type Based on Five Element of Chinese Medicine $3500.00 (25 hours 4 days)
For Koryo Hand Therapy and Acu-Magnet Therapy $9500.00 (11 days 70 hours)

(The body constitutional type is taught in Koryo Hand and Acu-magnet therapy)


(The above prices are for Australia and Thailand and Las Vegas only. Please add an extra $1000 if you wish to attend the the training in Hawaii. Unless, you will take care of your own food and accommodation during your stay)

Certification and Rewards:

Students are eligible to take a practical and theoretical exam and receive either Koryo Hand Therapy Diploma Certificate or Koryo Hand-Acu-Magnet Therapy Practitioners Certificate after they pass both exams with a score of no less than 70%.

Students are able to pay their tuition by a Visa or Master card or a debit card. .


Students must register at least 45 days prior to set schedule.
Students are to pay a nonrefundable fee of 10% from the total tuition prior to starting date of schedule which will be credited to their account at the time arrival.

Students are to pay a 10% of their total fees prior to registration, 65% of their tuition on the first day of training and the day of their graduation. . Aukoshimo Professional grantees full satisfaction.

Any student who is not fully satisfied with the outcome of the training will receive their tuition back at the end of their trainings.

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This will be a preliminary registration. It is not absolute until all arrangements has been made and you have agreed and satisfied with the arrangements.


To receive the course outline for Koryo Hand Therapy please send an e-mail to: