We currently offering Koryo Hand Therapy Diploma Certificate for distance Education


As of August 16, 2011, Aukoshimo Professional Training Program has been approved for candidacy status with International Accreditation Organization. We are hopping that we receive full accreditation after several moths period.

Koryo Hand Therapy Practitioners' Diploma Certificate

(KHT Complete Learning Program CD-ROM)

ISBN: 978-0-9837812-1-9

Program description

The program has been published in a Single CD-ROM and the the student is fully in control. The program uses animation, digital pictures from real models as well as video clips that make it very unique, fun and easy to understandable all the subjects in this program.

The students are able to send e-mail from any pages of the program in a case when there is a question. Even though majority of the lessons in the program are set for visual learning, yet there are texts with large font and printable.

There are 4 Levels which consists of 37 lessons in the program. There is short quiz followed by a practical exam at the end of each lesson. The practical exams are the main aspect of this program for learning.

The program allows the user to save a page and resume the study later on.


Description of 4 Levels in KHT complete Learning

Level I: Correspondent Therapy: Use for treating all ache and pain which does not have internal origins.

Level II: Organ Therapy Balancing the Internal Organs by using Front Mu Points of Internal Organs

Level III: The Body Constitutional Type: In this level, the students will learn how to diagnose and determined the patient's body constitutional Type base on the Five Element of Chinese Medicine as well as Yin Yang Pulse diagnoses and and Abdominal Palpation.

Level IV: Meridian Therapy, 4 point technique and Cold and Heat Therapy are taught in this level. The students will learn how to treat various diseases whether they have internal origins or not effectively and get results immediately.

The Koryo Hand Therapy Diploma Certificate is optional. For those who do not wish to receive a diploma, there is no requirements.

Requirements for Diploma of KHT

1. Students have from six months and up to 2 years to accomplish the program.
2. Students are required to record up to 50 treatments on no less than 10 patients.
3. Students are required to pass a written exam with a score above 70%.
4. Students will have a verbal examination in the last stage of their completion before receiving the certificate.

Enrollment Fees:

KHT Complete Learning Program with Certificate of Diploma
Fee: $3,950 USD

KHT Complete Learning Program without Certificate of Diploma

Fee: $3,500 USD

Payment may be made by Visa Or Master Card or, if you wish to pay by Paypal, please send payment to: paypal@aukoshimo.com if you are paying by USD or paypal_au@aukoshimo.com if you are paying in AUD.

There will be $100.00 additional charge for issuing the certificate after the accomplishement for those who enroll for obtaining KHT Diploma Certificate.

Students are able to enroll and pay their tuition installment. Please send an e-mail to kht@aukoshimo.com to inquire about this option.



System requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/ Winsows7 with at least 250 MB of free space and 64MB of RAM

This program would work with Mac after Virtual PC has been installed.


Acupuncture Intensive Training Program

Currently Aukoshimo is publishing a program which an individual can take it home and use his/her computer to learn Acupuncture therapy. The program is set for publishing by the end of March 2012. The price of the program is set for $2,500 USD.

In the mean time, Aukoshimo is offering a two weeks intensive training program for the following practitioners in face-face bases in two locations.

Medical Doctor's, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Acupuncturists.

The duration of this course is two weeks with at least 6 hours per day. Those individuals who wish to enroll for this course, must travel to specific location provided by Aukoshimo Professional Training Program (Currently, in Adelaide South Australia and Honolulu Hawaii) unless, an individual or a group of practitioners are willing to be sponsor of this program in their own city.

The minimum number of students for the course is 5 and the maxim is 12. The total cost which includes accommodations and 3 meals per day are set for $11,500 AUS or USD Per Practitioner.

Those practitioners who wish to take care of their own accommodation and food will pay $9,900 AUS or USD for the who program. Aukoshimo provides all the materials needed for the course and there will be projectors, computer programs as well as practical sessions organized by Aukoshimo. The practitioners will be rewarded with a Certificate of accomplishment after they take and pass a practical and a theoretical exam.


Course Outline:


For enrollment or more information please send an e-mail to:


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